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Introduction To Pastoral Counseling

The introductory brochure you’ll find below is a guide to help you better understand Pastoral Counseling, and the assistance Canterbury Counseling Center provides to our clients. Our services give guidance and aid to individuals and families trying to resolve personal, social and psychological challenges.

Don’t Live With Depression

You don’t have to live with depression. Contact Canterbury Counseling Center today. Living and working in the Greenville, SC community we provide healing ministry to individuals and families in crisis. Our professional counselors will help guide you and your loved ones through tough times and help you make the most of the good times.

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3 Life Lessons From A Giraffe

Giraffes are gentle giants of nature. They reach heights few other creatures can, and they observe the world from up high –giving them a unique perspective on life. We think giraffes can teach a lot about happiness and wholeness in existence, so here are three life lessons inspired by the long necked wonders of the…

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